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2019 Best in The City Winner

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"Coffey & Thompson's Art Gallery's Legacy Looms Large In The Queen City"

Coffey & Thompson Art Gallery is one of the few Charlotte galleries that has survived the test: With an ever-growing arts community, not many galleries can boast to have been among the first to ever open in the Queen City.  

WBTV - News Story

An editorial by Kristen Hampton of WBTV, on November 5, 2012.

Article in

Charlotte Five News

Coffey & Thompson Art Gallery, Frame and Design, Inc. is located in the historic gold district of South End. Established in 1946, Coffey & Thompson was Charlotte’s premier picture framing business and became recognized as a benchmark for fine art and framing in the region. Lauri Dewhurst-Summers purchased the gallery in the summer of 2015.

Charlotte Five Editorial
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