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Charlotte Five Editorial
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"Coffey & Thompson's Art Gallery's Legacy Looms Large In The Queen City"

Coffey & Thompson Art Gallery is one of the few Charlotte galleries that has survived the test: With an ever-growing arts community, not many galleries can boast to have been among the first to ever open in the Queen City.  

WBTV - News Story

An editorial by Kristen Hampton of WBTV, on November 5, 2012.

We were featured in an article by Charlotte Five News!

Coffey & Thompson Art Gallery, Frame and Design, Inc. is located in the historic gold district of South End. Established in 1946, Coffey & Thompson was Charlotte’s premier picture framing business and became recognized as a benchmark for fine art and framing in the region. Lauri Dewhurst-Summers purchased the gallery in the summer of 2015.

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Patricia Boyer did an Interview!

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"No matter what kind of day you're having, you can express yourself through art."

"“It’s like going to the mall without going to the mall. It’s not as much a commercialized feel,” Wilson said. “With everything going on now and the way that industries are changing in general, you have to give an entirely different customer experience."

“The way the basic consumer has been trained now is to point-click-point-click on a computer. The Galleries at 811 gives you that real personal interaction and feeling like you’re actually somebody and not just another register transaction.”-
“When you come in, it’s like you’re walking into your living room,” James said.

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