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Custom Framing

Let us Frame Your Memories

Coffey and Thompson, since 1946

Did you receive or inherit a beautiful photograph, picture,

piece of art or memorabilia? 

Do you need to update an inherited heirloom? 

Call or stop by Coffey & Thompson to discuss your options for custom framing and display.

Our options are varied and numerous and our in-house interior designers will help you make the right choice for your space,

whether home or office.

Our job is to work with you to make the best choices that suit your needs. Choosing the perfect mat and frame for your custom job is fun for the client and very satisfying for us.

We love to see your project come together.

Stop by the gallery today and get your project started! 

Coffey and Thompson also specializes in conservation grade framing.

Contact us below to schedule an appointment!

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