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"Coffey and Thompson is an established name in the Charlotte art scene, with over 70 years spent growing alongside generations of talent. Knowing that art evolves along with technology, Coffey and Thompson proudly display NFT and digital art among the works in their gallery.

Having moved locations a few times in their decades long life, Coffey and Thompson is now situated in the Eastover area of Charlotte NC. Having dedicated their efforts in enabling the creators in the area to have a space to showcase their work, it is little wonder why they chose to join us as a Hot Spot. Embracing new ideas and new forms of expression is what has made Coffey and Thompson a pillar of the art scene so it is only natural they would do the same with the current wave of work being created for NFTs. 

Not only does this partnership allow C&T to stay true to their mission, they also have the ability to showcase digital artists on a rolling or static basis (it’s entirely up to them). The Blockframe NFT displays allow them to change the art displayed on a whim. This is perfect for hosting showcases & gala events where a given artist can be on every display one night and by morning, each screen can easily be returned to whatever they were displaying before the event.

While artists will have the need to create, regardless of audience, the ideas behind the work are missed if the public is unable to engage with it. By continuing to give outlets to emerging artists, Coffey and Thompson are doing their part to ensure that people and artists have access to one another. By including digital art in the conversation, C&T are holding space for the next wave of artists as they define new limits for a burgeoning medium.

Every QR code on location is unique and purpose-built, ideal for self-paced learning and exploration."
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