Meet the Artists 

Krystle Nicholas

She is a self taught artist and truly enjoys expressing herself through her art. She finds inspiration in the beauty of her culture and everyday life. She enjoys creating pieces that are as eccentric as her. Ultimately, creating art is a very therapeutic process for Krystle and she enjoys sharing her creations with others. Within Krystle's pieces, you'll normally find a broad range of colors and textures meant to create an experience for the viewer.

Mark Anthony Gucciardi

"As a child, his love for drawing often created problems for him throughout school but, he managed his way and obtained a High School Diploma, which helped him gain a position as a picture framer for Coffey & Thompson - Fine Art Gallery and Framing in Charlotte.He was introduced to the works of North Carolina artist, Ben Long and Minnesota artist, Charles Kapsner. For Mark, these artists demonstrated a level of craftsmanship that would inspire him to pursue a career as an Painter"

Bryan Wilson

"Bryan Wilson grew up between New Jersey and Georgia. He graduated Magna Cum Laude with a BA in Studio Art with a minor in Graphic Design from Morris Brown College. After graduating college, he became an in-house Graphic Designer for Center for Puppetry Arts in Atlanta, GA. After a couple years and getting married, he and his wife relocated to Charlotte, NC where he began teaching art at a public school and obtained his teaching credentials at University of North Carolina-Charlotte"

Ted Head

"My love of drawing began when I could hold a crayon. A yellow-green one I remember distinctly. Not only did it have a pleasing color, it tasted pretty good too. Even as a child, my enjoyment of nature’s beauty was neverending. The intricacy and playfulness of colors, patterns, light and shadows has always fascinated me"

Sharon Forthofer

"The beauty of nature is my greatest source of inspiration whether painting a plein air piece or a still life. I enjoy painting from life to create a realistic impression. I strive to capture the rhythms of color and shadow with direct painting techniques. Painting fills me with hope and joy. It is my intent to impart this happiness to others."

Loren DiBenedito

"Loren is an award winning artist best noted for her bold still life paintings, vivid floral compositions, luscious fruits & vegetables and dramatic life drawings. She has won numerous awards in regional juried competitions, and has participated in national shows where her work has been highly regarded as well. Loren is also included in many private and corporate collections across the country."

Daisy Schenone
Carol Minor

"Capturing a moment of life – either an action, glance, or attitude – is the challenge which captivates Minor and is the motivation behind each piece"

Kevin Harris

“Some see art as escapism, I see it as life” "Born in Washington, DC, Kevin Harris is an oil paint and pastel artist specializing in the creation of art that moves people. Be it via portraiture, figurative, abstract or land and seascapes, Mr. Harris looks to life and translates his perception to the viewer. Considered an impressionist, his style is a free-flowing collaboration of color and texture - intended to inspire a sense of fullness."

Paul Fontana

"After a short study with an Atlanta based encaustic artist, a private renaissance took place within. The switch over from acrylic to encaustic began, Paul is working feverishly to have a showing of just his wax creations... the working of beeswax mixed with oil paint and dammar resin, then using a heat gun to create those familiar abstracted horizons has been an unexpected joy in the setting free of the artist from the marble"

Terry Vedder

"I have recently been exposed to the Art Form of Mixed Media which has sparked my interest. This Art Form uses a large spectrum of materials that can take many many forms. I enjoy the freedom to use a group of unrelated materials to create an expression. I like to refer to my work as “Assemblages”. It consists of hunting and gathering the objects and materials to be put together in interesting and curious layouts. I start with a theme and build upon, layer on to it."

Pat Boyer

"At the age of 12 she attended North West Junior High School where her 7th grade art teacher Mrs. Adams was a big inspiration to her. Mrs. Adams always told her that she had a talent for art. Mrs. Adams entered her picture of Santa in an art competition where she won first place. Her first place prize were gift certificates to McDonalds whereas she was able to feed her whole entire family a nights dinner. It was during this time when Tricia discovered her passion for art."

Don Belch

"Sometimes we need an escape from the reality of our daily grind. I did these paintings to bring you into a different environment. The thought of a sea breeze, a smell of an ocean. I hope you can feel the flight of a pelican on an ocean wind, or imagine your life on a boat, right now. Look at the painting and put yourself in it, and escape"

Judy Thompson
Daisy Lopez