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Terry Vedder Portrait 04.jpg

Terry Vedder

"I have recently been exposed to the Art Form of Mixed Media which has sparked my interest. This Art Form uses a large spectrum of materials that can take many many forms. I enjoy the freedom to use a group of unrelated materials to create an expression. I like to refer to my work as “Assemblages”. It consists of hunting and gathering the objects and materials to be put together in interesting and curious layouts. I start with a theme and build upon, layer on to it."


Terry's Story

After over three decades in the luxury retail business, the last ten of which spent working exclusively with jewelry, I have decided to channel my artistic viewpoint and ideas toward the design and creation of jewelry.

I feel that I have something to bring to jewelry design after having worked with clients and vendors in the jewelry business for over ten years. Some of my past creative endeavors have been in painting, ceramics, floral design, furniture design and finishing. For years, I have been selecting and collecting materials that speak to me. I have created various works including necklaces, earrings, and bracelets which reflect my love of combining elements of coral, turquoise, a variety of quartz and agate, crystal, wood, and ceramics in my creations. I love working with textures that play off of each other as I feel they enhance and balance the piece creating distinctive looks that are truly unique.

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