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Ted Head

My love of drawing began when I could hold a crayon. A yellow-green one I remember distinctly.  Not only did it have a pleasing color, it tasted pretty good too. Even as a child, my enjoyment of nature’s beauty was neverending. The intricacy and playfulness of colors, patterns, light and shadows has always fascinated me.  


I like to believe that when my brush dances between imagination and reality, something magical can happen. When it does, the emotional connection between me and my subject says it all. Design, values and color are the means to express a moment in time, captured in dramatic watercolor or oils. I’ve been honored to have received over 70 awards over the years, and have been published in American Artist, The Best of Watercolor SPLASH 11 and SPLASH 16. I've also enjoyed teaching many wonderful students in workshops throughout the Southeast.


I’m blessed beyond measure to be an artist, and treasure every step in this journey.

Realism - Oil Paint

Ted's Story

Inspired by a trip to Vienna, Ted Head began painting in 2001. In May, 2006, American Artist magazine featured Ted’s work and the story of his successfully launching into watercolor. He was later published in the best of watercolor series, SPLASH 11 and SPLASH 16, the Best of America Watercolor Artists & Artisians, as well as several other publications, and is a Signature member of the Florida Watercolor Society.
Ted has also won over 60 awards and a dozen “Best of” and 1st place awards for his oils and watercolors, and has become a popular workshop instructor and show judge. An avid kayaker, his paintings show a fascination with light and color, depicting nature’s beauty, wildlife, pets, and people.

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