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Molly English

I’m an abstract painter who lives in Charlotte, NC, working with acrylic and watercolor.  I use texture and movement as language, building many layers into each painting to express the thoughts and emotions for which I have no words.

Abstract Representational - Acrylic

Molly's Story

I am an abstract painter living in Charlotte, North Carolina with my husband, two kids and two dogs. Like many other creatives, I have a separate full-time career. I work as a construction estimator. So the daylight hours are full of blueprints and spreadsheets, cooking, chores, and family time.

But late at night, when the house is still, I find the occasional moment to paint and create.

My most recent work explores emotions and how they shift and move through us like clouds.

I have always been a quiet person. Blaringly, glaringly quiet. For a long time I saw that trait as a flaw that made me less than - less interesting, less confident, less capable. It was through the study of art in high school and college that I started to realize there was another way to communicate without words.

So I sketched, practiced and tried many techniques, hoping to find something that felt true - something authentically me - my artistic voice. It was muted by self doubt, insecurity and impatience. It was in there — only I could hear the screaming.

My work continued to be scattered and spastic until I challenged myself to show up more consistently, to leave expectations at the door, and above all to enjoy the process. The voice is in there and it’s slowly getting stronger.

Thank you for being a witness to my journey and this quiet slow process.

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