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Jillian Goldberg

Jillian's paintings reflect a curious, intellectual approach to the process of making art. She constantly challenges the boundaries, searching for new ways to combine color, to create lively and intriguing surface texture, and to incorporate mixed media to express a mood or idea. Her mixed media collages reflect her love of language and her interest in historical allusion.

Abstract - Acrylic

Jillian's Story

JILLIAN GOLDBERG is a contemporary abstract artist living in Cary, NC. She attended the Michaelis School of Art at the University of Cape Town, South Africa, where she completed a BA in Art Education. After emigrating to the Southern US with her family, she opened seven children’s art schools under license to Monart, as well as founding summer camps for gifted children at Queens University in Charlotte, which she ran for twenty years.


Since retiring in 2006, Jillian has immersed herself in her personal artistic practice. She continues to explore different ways of seeing and expressing her vision, attending workshops and critiques as well as reading widely.

Jillian enjoys collaborating with area artists, and she has created several collaborative art shows in the region.

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